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Hy-Lok Canada manufactures and supplies high-quality valves and fittings for all applications used in the oil and gas industry and are 100% interchangeable with other manufacturers’ components.

Hy-lok Canada Knows
Oil & Gas

At Hy-Lok, we manufacture top-of-the-line oil and gas fittings that are built to last even through the most challenging applications.

Hy-Lok’s oil and gas products are widely used across numerous processing and refining productions due to their quality and performance. Designed to withstand the demands of various materials, liquids, and gasses, our oil and gas fluid control systems ensure secure and efficient handling of industrial gasses such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Moreover, our oil and gas products are manufactured using carbon steel, stainless steel, and other specialized materials to ensure proper application specificity and overall quality. Hy-Lok provides a comprehensive range of solutions to customers across Canada. Our inventory includes tube fittings, metal hoses, block valves, instrument manifolds, ball valves, check valves, relief valves and more!

Products for Oil & Gas Applications

Since 1977, Hy-Lok has been a manufacturing leader in high-quality oil and gas components. Backed by our commitment to outstanding quality, Hy-Lok’s oil and gas products include the following:

Needle Valves

Durable and compact, Hy-Lok’s inventory of needle valves is available in a range of sizes and ratings. We take our commitment to quality products seriously. Our needle valves are stressed tested for optimal performance and efficiency. Explore our inventory of needle valves today!

Liquid Relief Kits

Hy-Lok’s liquid relief kits are available in adjustable and fixed spring models that range in size and multiple end connections. As one of the few manufacturers capable of designing, manufacturing, and distributing custom valves, Hy-Lok is your source for quality liquid relief kits. Discover our range of liquid relief kits today!

Pipe Fittings

Hy-Lok proudly manufactures and distributes both medium and high-pressure pipe fitting solutions. Our pipe fitting products are tested for optimal leak protection and performance. We proudly stand behind the quality and longevity of our pipe fitting products. Learn more about our inventory of pipe fittings here!

Ball Valves

Available in a wide selection of configurations, sizes, end connections, and pressure and temperature ratings, Hy-Lok’s ball valves are manufactured to quality standards. Our ball valve products are suitable for numerous applications and can be custom configured. With a commitment to quality and durability, Hy-Lok’s ball valves are sure to last. Find out more about our ball valves now!

Check Valves

At Hy-Lok, our check valve inventory comes in fixed and adjustable spring models ranging in size and end connections. As your leading supplier and manufacturer of check valves, Hy-Lok’s inventory is quality tested for optimal performance and efficiency. So when you need quality check valves designed for longevity, Hy-Lok is your trusted source. Discover more about our check valves here.

Toggle Valves

Hy-Lok’s toggle valves are available as manual or pneumatically actuated models for fast opening and closing. They are available in various materials, including stainless steel, and they come in a range of connections of configurations for any application. Hy-Lok’s toggle valves are manufactured for optimal performance and durability. Learn more about our range of toggle valves today.

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Application for Oil & Gas

Our extensive inventory is designed to meet the demands of all oil and gas applications, including:

Pumping Systems

There are numerous types of pumping systems that are used for safe fluid transfer in the oil and gas industry. Depending on the nature of the fluid you are transferring, you’ll need specialized components. Fortunately, Hy-Lok offerings a wide range of oil and gas components for nearly every application, including your pumping systems. So regardless of your pumping system, Hy-Lok will surely have the solutions you need to ensure safe fluid transfer.

Chemical Injection Systems

Chemical injection systems utilize specialized chemicals for numerous applications. So that means your chemical injection systems components need to be able to withstand these specialized chemical processes. Hy-Lok’s oil and gas fittings, valves, etc. inventory are designed to withstand the challenges of the specialized chemicals oil and gas chemical injection systems use. When you need durable and quality components, Hy-Lok has you covered!

Metering Systems

Oil and gas metering systems use specialized, high-precision equipment to ensure accurate measurements. You will require quality component solutions designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures for metering systems. Hy-Lok proudly manufactures and supplies a range of components for oil and gas metering systems. For all your high-precision metering systems needs, Hy-Lok is here to help.

Refining systems

Refining systems for the oil and gas industry are highly complex and manage high temperatures and extreme heat. That means your system components must also be able to cope with these challenges. Hy-Lok’s oil and gas products are manufactured with performance and durability in mind. So when you need components that can withstand the challenging conditions of your refining systems, Hy-Lok has the inventory in stock!

Quality you can trust

Hy-Lok is a trusted provider of premium products made from the highest-quality materials that meet all safety and performance criteria.

Our certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 180001, ASME, API, API FireSafe, and PVD. We test every product for leaks before shipping, ensuring that all our components perform flawlessly. Our customers can count on us for expedited shipping and custom manufacturing services that are tailored to their needs.

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