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Q: Where Are Hy-Lok Products Manufactured?

A: Hy-Lok’s products are designed manufactured in Busan, South Korea then distributed to our chapters worldwide.

Q: What Kind Of Certifications/Standards Does Hy-Lok Meet?

A: Hy-Lok Canada takes pride in building products to meet the highest domestic and international standards. Among our list of certifications are:

  • ASME N-Stamp
  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • ASTM F1387
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN)
  • DNV-GL
  • ISO9001:2015
Q: Who Are Your Distributors?

A: Hy-Lok’s Canadian headquarters are based in Edmonton, Alberta and Cambridge, Ontario. Our distributors are evenly spread throughout the country, giving you easy access to parts when you need them most.

Q: What Kind Of Products Do You Manufacture/Distribute?

A: Hy-Lok’s product catalogue contains one of the most comprehensive inventories of valve and fittings solutions for fluid control systems in North America.

Q: Are Custom Orders Available?
A: Yes. As a manufacturer and distributor, we are able to customize parts to meet your specific needs.
Q: Are Your Components Interchangeable?
A: Yes. Hy-Lok valves and fittings are 100% interchangeable with Swagelok and Parker components.
Q: Why Should I Choose Hy-Lok Components?
A: Hy-Lok components are crafted with the utmost quality and performance in mind. We take pride in manufacturing exceptional products at go-to-market pricing, as well as offering unbeatable customer service. Learn more about working with Hy-Lok here.
Q: What Is Your Warranty?
A: Hy-Lok offers a comprehensive lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all products.
Q: Do You Do Vendor Management?

A: Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do You Do Contract Pricing?

Yes, under a case by case basis.

Q: Are You Able To Ship Globally?

A: Hy-Lok Canada only ships within Canada, however our partners worldwide are happy to assist you.

Q: What Industries Do You Service?

A: We service a wide variety of industries including natural gas, oil & gas, chemical, instrumentation and more.

Q: How Many Distributors Do You Have In Canada?

A: We have multiple distributors located across Canada. Find the distributor closest to you here.

Q: What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

A: Our Edmonton location operates from 7am-5pm MST Monday to Friday.

Our Cambridge location operates from 8am to 5pm EST Monday to Friday.

Q: Do You Carry Tubing?

A: Yes. We offer 316 Stainless Steel seamless and welded 1/4” to 1” 20ft length, and coiled tubing.

Q: How Can I Get After Hours Support?

A: Use our contact us section or call the main number provided for either Alberta or Ontario per our contact page.