Presetting Tools

Quick Integration, Quality You Can Count On

Hy-Lok Canada is a leading manufacturer and distributer of a comprehensive inventory of high-quality valve and fitting solutions for a wide range of products and specifications. Our selection of products include pre-setting tools that are designed for quick integration and reliable accuracy. Hy-Lok proudly offers three types of presetting tools: manual, hydraulic, and electric automatic, each of which is specialized for their respective applications. Learn more about each tool below.

Manual Presetting Tool

Hy-Lok offers a proprietary manual presenting tool. The tool allows quick and easy presetting of the ferrules to tube sizes 1/8” O.D. to 1” O.D and can be easily mounted into a vise, allowing the installer to preset the ferrules by hand tightening with a wrench. The manual presenting tool is available in two sizes: the EZY MAT-1 which covers O.D. sizes from 1/2” to -1” and the EZY-MAT 2 which covers tube O.D. sizes from 1/2” to 2”

Hydraulic Presetting Tool

Our hydraulic presetter is designed to provide consistent presetting of ferrules while also minimizing demand on the installer in cases where many connectors or heavy tubing are being connected.

Electric Automatic Presetting Tool

Hy-Lok’s electric automatic presenting tool makes ferrule presetting nearly effortless. A simple touch of a button enables ferrules to be preset to the tube in order to enhance connection installation. The unit’s interchangeable dies enable it to cover tube O.D. sizes ranging from 1/2” to 2” fractional, and metric O.D. sizes from 4mm to 42mm.

With over 40 years experience as a global leader in the fittings and valves industry, Hy-Lok is proud to offer exceptional solutions at competitive prices.

For more information about Hy-Lok Canada, our presetters, as well as our full list of inventory options, please contact our team directly.