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Since 1977, Hy-Lok has taken its own route becoming a global leader in the Fluid & Control System Industry. In addition to supplying tubing systems to the world’s instrumentation markets – including a variety of piping materials – Hy-Lok performs as a turnkey business and offers services ranging from essential Fluid & Control system technique to workmanship.

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"(We are) currently using the Hy-Lok SS compression fittings on a variety of different applications, including processed hot water, high pressure hot water, 800 PSI, sanitizer lines, and compressed air lines. This product is very versatile in its application, the availability is very good with all the different adapters available – from quarter inch compression and much more. The delivery is typically very timely and efficient. We would use this product anywhere and anytime and would recommend this product for a variety of different uses."

"I have had the opportunity to test the Hy-Lok product in our steam plant to compare with... other competitors. We have found that the Hy-lok product offers reliable connection on our fluid and steam applications with considerable cast savings and readily available stock. The Hy-Lok product offers a product line to meet the needs of our applications. The sales staff is eager to assist in problem solving design issues and reviewing seats and seals for optimal performance. We are satisfied with the Hy-Lok products and have approved the product for use in our plant."

"We use, and are pleased with the overall performance of Hy-Lok compression fittings and valves. Hy-Lok has proven the integrity and interchangeability of their products, this has made the use of these products simple as the probability of failure to interchanging with competing products is virtually nil. The Hy-Lok interchangeable warranty is excellent and ensures that Hy-Lok is 100% confident in the combination of Hy-Lok vs. other competitor's products. Hy-Lok also provides an excellent overall service and has the ability to meet all of our supply needs."

"After thoroughly analyzing your company's quality and engineering requirements, I believe that the Hy-Lok product will and has provided us the maximum return on our investment. For one reason, the Hy-Lok product is completely interchangeable with products previously used on our equipment. Another reason is the quality of the Hy-lok product is equal to or better than our previously used products at a considerably reduced cost. I must add service is second to none as well due to their knowledge and expertise the staff were able to help me with some design issues. I believe that others will find this product practical, efficient, and economical for any company."

"(We have) been using thousands of Hy-Lok Brand Valves and Fittings in the manufacture of our CNG Dispensing Equipment for a number of years. We have had great success in our production facility and in the field with Hy-Lok Valves and Fittings and therefore would recommend their inclusion in specifications for the above referenced tender as well as any future tender for CNG equipment."

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