Semiconductor Components

Hy-Lok's UHP products include diaphragm valves, bellows valves, face-seal and mini-weld fittings in materials and surface finishes to meet your system requirements.

Hy-Lok Canada’s inventory of high purity and ultra high purity valves are ideal for manufacturing semi-conductor components. With quality you can trust, and a long history of excellence, Hy-Lok is your first choice for fitting and valve products.

Semiconductor manufacturing involves the creation of integrated circuits used in electronic devices and equipment. The process of creating these circuits is comprised for four steps, including deposition, patterning, removal, and electrical modification. For this process to run smoothly, each step requires a number of fitting and valve components.

Clean, Durable, Reliable

At Hy-Lok Canada, we understand how it important it is to be able to trust the quality of the products you purchase. That’s why we guarantee our high purity valves are 100% clean and free of any foreign contaminants. All components are stressed tested before leaving our manufacturing facility to ensure optimal efficiency, and fall under our industry leading warranty to give you peace of mind. With Hy-Lok’s line of semiconductor components, you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing quality for a competitive price.

Plenty to Choose From

Our inventory covers a wide ranges of semiconductor components including:

Bellow Valves

Our bellow valves feature an all-metal seal, maximum working pressure of up to 500 psi (34.4 bar), and a temperature rating up to 200°F (93 C).

Diaphragm valves

Hy-Lok’s Diaphragm Valves are made of 316L VIM/VAR and are extremely resistant to corrosion over long periods of time.

ZCR Face Seal Fittings

Our Metal gasket face seal fittings meet or exceed semiconductor industry specifications for tube connections up to 1″ O.D. and have been tested to exceed a leak rate of 10-9 torr.

Weld Fittings

Hy-Lok weld fittings range from 1/8″ T to 1″ T for tube to tube configurations and 1/8″ NPT to 1″ NPT for tube to male and female pipe configurations.

Learn more about our semiconductor components below, or by contacting our team directly.