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Hy-Lok Quick Connectors

Ideal for changing lines, shutting down a system or changing air tanks.

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Your top choice for fluid system control components since 1977.

About Our Quick Connectors

Clients looking to expedite the change over of tubes and hoses leverage Hy-Lok Quick Connectors because our products are well-suited for industrial applications. Quick connectors are ideal when changing lines, shutting down a system or changing air tanks. Our line of connectors includes the Q Series, Keyed Q Series and QF Series.

Items within our inventory include:

Q Series
Keyed Q Series
QF Series

Features of the Q Connector Series

For laboratory environments that require precise and reliable connectors, the Q Series is ideal. Given that these workspaces have strict specifications and thresholds for testing, tubes and hoses must retain the appropriate pressure and connectivity, especially when subjected to constant use. Our Q Series connectors are built with durability in the design. We work closely with our clients to identify the quick connector and design materials best-suited for production.

The Q Series, Keyed Q Series and QF Series do not require special tools for coupling or uncoupling, making installation and maintenance an easier task. The ease of use also minimizes equipment downtime, helping operators meet deadlines and sustain turnaround times that customers depend on. These connectors mitigate the risk of over or under tightening, galling or cross-threading. This translates to cost-savings and more reliable productive capabilities.


Connector Specifications:

  • Our quick connectors are made using 316 steel or brass to meet customers’ requirements and stand-up to the rigors of industrial production. These products also feature O-rings made from NBR, FFKM, Neoprene or Ethylene Propylene. We make variations within each series so that customers can choose the connector and materials need to enhance production. Sizes for each series ranges from 1/4” to 1” wide, and the connectors have a temperature tolerance from -10F to 400F.

  • Our connectors are also durable up to 6,000 psig (413 bar). However, specific design thresholds may vary by series and model. As such, we make product information readily available, so that our customers can make informed decisions. Whether it is online or over the phone, we are here to help customers select the optimal product to meet quality requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Industries Do You Work With?

Companies that connect and disconnect hoses within their operations can benefit from our products and services. This includes medical service providers, painter coaters, laboratories, aerospace and biopharmaceutical operators, just to name a few. Our customers also work with forced air, portable testing equipment, gas distribution and sampling systems. This means we support a wide variety of industries and applications, and this support is constantly expanding and evolving.

Why Choose Hy-Lok Quick Connectors?

Our engineers have created efficiently designed and cost-effective connectors that meet industry quality standards. Clients trust the quality of our work and the useful life of our parts and tools, so they can reliably install equipment and maintain operations. We also expedite shipping to our clients, so that they get the connectors and parts they need quickly.

How Can I Learn More About Hy-Lok Presetting Tools & Applications?

For additional information on quick connectors and tooling solutions, please contact Hy-Lok today. Our quick connectors and line of industrial tooling products make installation and maintenance efforts reliable and cost-effective. Add quick connectors to your inventory and realize the return on investment.

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