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Hy-Lok Presetting Tools

Expedite projects, enhance efficiency & effectiveness.

Presetting Tools

Your top choice for fluid system control components since 1977.

About Our Presetting Tools

Hy-Lok proudly offers a comprehensive mix of cost-effective, high-quality valve and fitting solutions for every project and specification. Our Presetting Tools are used to expedite projects, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ operations. We offer three types of pre-setting tools, including hydraulic, manual and electronic automatic models.

Items within our inventory include:

Hydraulic Tools
Manual Tools
Electronic Automatic Tools


Hydraulic Tools

For efficient pre-setting of ferrules that minimizes the demand on installers, the hydraulic model is the optimal choice. This tool is effective for joining connectors or heavy tubing, making it a viable product in a variety of industries such as auto, construction, food and beverage production, shipping and pharmaceuticals. The hydraulic tool is durable and stands up to repeated use, giving it a long useful life while enhancing the effectiveness of maintenance departments.

Manual Tools

Our proprietary manual tool allows for pre-setting of ferrules to tube sizes 1/8” O.D. to 1” O.D., and it’s applicable in a variety of industries. This tool can be mounted into a vise, making it easy for installers to pre-set ferrules via hand tightening and a wrench. There are two sizes available – EZY MAT-1 and EZY-MAT 2. Model one covers 1/2” O.D. to -1” O.D. sizes, and model two is suited for 1/2” to 2” O.D. sizes. Operators have the flexibility to install and maintain the equipment when they use manual pre-setting tools.

Electronic Automatic Tools

For virtually effortless pre-setting of ferrules, the electronic automatic model is the ideal choice. It has a simple touch button that enables ferrules to be pre-set to tubes enhancing the installation and connection process. Interchangeable dies make this model applicable for O.D. sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 2” fractional, and metric O.D. sizes from 4mm to 42mm. This tool increases the accuracy and ease of connections, adding reliability to installation and maintenance efforts.

Common Applications:

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Heavy industry
  • Instrumentation
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Compressor manufacturing
  • Research facilities, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Importance of Presetting?

Pre-setting tools add value to production facilities, because they ensure that valves and fittings are properly installed. Precision placement of components keeps production runs within control limits. It also reduces premature wear and tear on important industrial equipment. Most importantly it helps mitigate the rate and risk of product defects. Within semi-conductor production facilities, even the slightest deviations in production equipment performance can cause product defects. Pre-setting tools are essential for creating more reliable and accurate operations.

Why Choose Hy-Lok Presetting Tools?

Our clients depend on our tools to keep their operations and facilities in good working order. As such, we provide reliable tools that meet industry quality specifications. We also offer expedited shipping, so if clients need immediate assistance, we’ve got them covered. Our hardworking engineers and design professionals work diligently to make sure valves and fittings meet client and industry requirements. There is no better supplier for pre-setting tools, connectors, valves and fittings.

How Can I Learn More About Hy-Lok Presetting Tools & Applications?

For additional information on pre-setting tools and the advantages of Hy-Lok products, please contact us today. Our clients rely on our tools and services to remain competitive in the marketplace. Our high-quality fittings and valves set industry standards, while helping clients reach new levels of productivity and cost savings.

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