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Hydraulic fittings are used in many industries to connect a hydraulic hose to components like cylinders, tubes, pipes or other hydraulic hoses. The types of hydraulic fittings differ according to the flow of the fluid and the type of fluid used. Some fittings allow for the fluid to flow, while others allow the fluid to change direction, divert or even mix. Read on to learn more about hydraulic fittings in Canada. 

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Installing Hydraulic Fittings

Before installing hydraulic fluid fittings, you must first inform your supplier of what application you’re using to ensure that you’ve selected the correct fitting for your application. To install the hydraulic fitting, you will have to cut the hose to the required length and clean off any debris to ensure that it doesn’t enter your fluid system. Once you’ve cut the hose, you will insert it into the fitting and crimp the hose. Some hydraulic fittings, such as the SAE flanged fittings, are self-sealing, while others are sealed by using an O-ring or by the use of thread sealant.  

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Hydraulic Fittings in Canada

Hy-Lok Canada has been manufacturing and supplying hydraulic fittings all throughout Canada since 1977. Our robust and versatile inventory of hydraulic fittings offers clients top-quality components at competitive prices. All our fittings are 100% interchangeable with other components from different manufacturers to allow for easy installation, no matter the application. We focus on manufacturing components that provide our customers with superior performance at a cost-effective price. Since we manufacture all our hydraulic fittings in-house, we are able to customize the fittings according to the specifications you require. 

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