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Hy-Lok Company Profile & History

Hy-LokOur parent company, Hy-Lok Corporation, has enjoyed tremendous growth and acceptance as the highest quality instrument valve and fitting company in Asia, and will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2007. Because of this success and dominance in worldwide target markets, Hy-Lok USA was formed in September 1997 and Hy-Lok Distribution Canada in January 1998, as master distributors to bring the product line to North and South America.
Hy-Lok Distribution's head office is located in Edmonton, Alberta with stocking distributors across Canada.  Our team, in conjunction with Hy-Lok USA and its associates, brings well over 100 years of sales and service experience in instrumentation valve and fitting products.
Our formula for success is the result of offering a comprehensive mix of competitively priced, high quality products backed by outstanding customer service. We have a continuous improvement philosophy and truly believe everything we do can be done better.  Please check our list of authorized stocking distributors under contact us for the nearest distributor.



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